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Information & Guidelines
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Parade Concept | Kaupapa

The theme for the Wellington International Pride Parade 2021 is Papatūānuku (Mother Earth)
“Whatungarognaro te tangata, toitū te whenua” (As humanity disappears from sight the land
remains). This whakataukī demonstrates the holistic value of the Māori, and the utmost respect they
have for Papatūānuku the mother of the earth. Be kind, be strong Aotearoa, firmly plant the seeds of
growth in the Earth and let nature be your guiding light. Celebrate a uniquely Wellington experience,
and as a Nation in solidarity unite.

Eligibility | Who Can Enter

Applications from individuals, groups or organisations from within Aotearoa New Zealand’s rainbow
communities are welcomed. Your Parade entry must focus on the kaupapa and its theme. Think
mother earth, our roots weaving through history, growth, rebirth, life and so much more!
Applications from community groups or organisations that are allies of Aotearoa New Zealand’s
rainbow communities are also welcomed – provided you can demonstrate a strong connection with
our rainbow communities. Your Parade entry must communicate a clear, supportive and positive
message. As well as being reflective of the Parade concept/kaupapa for 2021.
Parade entries must not be discriminatory, prejudicial or demonstrate racist behaviours or breach any
defamation law. Entries will not be accepted from discriminatory organisations, or organisations
whose policies and procedures discriminate against or fail to uphold the human rights of the rainbow
Wellington International Pride Parade reserves the right to refuse entries that have not complied with
the guidelines, or that act in any way contrary to the Wellington International Pride Parade’s mission
and objectives.
All Parade entries must provide details of their artistic concept and production values (i.e. how you
are going to make your vision/message a reality). This information will be used to help develop your
overall look and deliver the best possible viewing experience for the public.
Wellington International Pride Parade representatives are available to offer advice and support to
ensure your Parade entry reaches its creative potential. Wherever possible, we will assist you to
inspire, excite and challenge the audience!
Also, for 2021 we will be encouraging corporate entries to work with a community group to help with
the logistics of creating their parade entry. This does not necessarily involve financial assistance, but
rather using their size and networks to give guidance. WIPP will align corporate entries with a
community group if you don’t already have one in mind.

Parade Route


Entrants gather at Tennyson Street, before departing down Cambridge Terrace, onto Taranaki Street.

Parade route continues onto the waterfront, where walkers gather for Post Parade activities.

Vehicles continue around Te Papa and exit via Barnett Street.  

Entertainment Points 

Corner of Drag – corner of Courtenay Place & Taranaki Street

Main Stage – corner of Courtenay Place and Taranaki Street

2021 Registration Fees

Registration fees assist Wellington International Pride Parade to meet the costs of running a major
scale Parade, to meet our social responsibilities, and to support Parade participation from rainbow
community groups.

Parade registration fees are set according to the size and type of entry. All fees include GST.

Wellington International Pride Parade will waver the fee for rainbow community groups

Please Note:

Parade entries will not be confirmed until full payment of any applicable registration or other fees has
been made and WIPP has approved your concept and messaging. Cancellation fees will apply.

There is no maximum number of people permitted per Parade entry; we would also like to encourage
a variety of entry types from entrants (i.e. floats, walking, vehicles etc).

Parade entry descriptions must include information about your supportive message, as well as how
your entry will reflect the concept/kaupapa for the 2021 Parade.

Vehicles with trailers are permitted, but special conditions will apply. Please contact WIPP at:
[email protected] for confirmation

Entries will close 22nd March 2021

Information and Rules for Parade Entrants

Set-up Time and Location

All Floats and vehicles must be on Tennyson St at 4.00pm. All participants must be assembled by 6.00pm. 

Please note: set-up and road closures will be phased. Tennyson Street will close at 2pm

Choreography/Performance Manoeuvres/Music

All Dance Troupes to have routines coordinated with a natural flow, that will match with the walking pace of the Parade. Intermittent pauses are permitted as long as they do not affect the flow of the other groups. Marchers/Dancers/Performers must be aware that stopping or slowing down to perform along the parade route can affect the spacing and consistency of the Parade. 

Once a pace has been set, the minimum/maximum distance between entrants will be 5m-10m unless otherwise advised.

All entrants must obey the marshals at all times. They may direct you to halt to keep distances or for other reasons.

All performing groups that use music must have music playing continuously for the entire duration of
the Parade. This is a family friendly event so please be mindful of this when selecting music for your

Conduct and Attire

Wellington International Pride Parade encourages all participants to be costumed and dressed in a manner that represents their float concept and the theme of the parade

Parade participants must demonstrate respect for the tone of the Parade and consideration for the audience, which will include family groups and children. Alcohol consumption or smoking on the float is strictly prohibited.

The following artistic guidelines apply to ALL Parade participants in addition to Health & Safety and Logistical requirements:

Floats and individuals must NOT present images or messages that promote or condone violence or hatred of any person or group

Parade entries must be aware that due to Wellington International Pride Parade being a family orientated event, there is to be no nudity by any participant in this Parade. Offenders will be asked to cover up or be refused the opportunity to march. Body-paint is acceptable so long as nipples/genitalia are well covered.

Safety Compliance

ALL participants are required to abide by the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015

All participants must listen and comply with all directions given by the Parade Crew. In particular you must: 

  • Consider how many people can safely ride on your float 
  • Not board or dismount a moving vehicle
  • Not to throw items into the crowd

Other compliance considerations include: 

  • Please use paper streamers in place of traditional confetti 
  • Balloons are allowed, as long as they are tied down and do not exceed the restricted height
  • Bubbles are allowed 
  • Colourful signs, banners and flags are encouraged, as long as they do not exceed the restricted height
  • In keeping with the concept/kaupapa we would like for entrants to consider using
    biodegradable options where available in their entry

Distribution of Flyers, Candy and Other Items

After consultation with the Wellington City Council, the distribution of certain items has been permitted under certain conditions:

Any item to be distributed to a spectator MUST BE delivered from HAND TO HAND.


Pamphlets/flyers are allowed so long as participants do not engage in conversation with Parade spectators and fall behind their float/Parade entry. Any pamphlets/flyers must be directly linked to your organisation/business and be submitted to Wellington International Pride Parade along with your registration. Wellington International Pride Parade reserves the right to prevent the distribution of any material that does not correspond with your float entry or that which has not been approved prior. Do not turn up on the day with pamphlets if you have not informed Wellington International Pride Parade of your intention to do so.

Condoms are only to be distributed with prior approval of Wellington International Pride Parade and must only be handed to ADULTS. If you intend to distribute condoms, you must state this on your registration form as there are strict guidelines as to how this can be done.

Any other food and beverages are prohibited.

Driver and Vehicle Information

All drivers must possess a valid driver’s license, class specific to the vehicle they are driving. Licenses will be checked on the day of the Parade.

Please comply with the NZ Road Code regulations. All vehicles must be insured, registered, road-worthy and in good operating condition.

All drivers are to remain with their floats in the marshalling area at all times. They may be required tomove them at a moment’s notice.

Driver and Vehicle Safety

All vehicles including cars must carry a certified fire extinguisher at all times. If you have difficulty with this requirement, please contact WIPP Safety chains and safety hitch chains are required on applicable floats.

Float Safety Rules

The driver must have clear vision ahead and to the sides.

Generator and/or vehicle exhaust pipes must extend beyond the decorations.

In the case of emergency, the driver and all personnel on the floats must be able to get off the floats immediately. Once participants are on floats, they may not dismount until after the parade finishes. Do not get on or off your float, or any associated vehicle, when it is moving.

All marchers must walk behind the entry away from the wheels; not beside or in front of vehicles.

Rider Safety

Open Floats 

All participants riding on open floats shall have appropriate hand rails or hand grips readily available to them.  Any standing participants shall have stabilised body support, with either buckled safety belts or other means, to prevent falling from the unit. However, no person shall be wired or tied to the float. 

Secured safety rails, barriers, or ropes may be used to prevent a fall from the float. No unsecured riders may be located where they might fall beneath the float, its wheels, or between the tow vehicle and float (e.g. no seating on the rear edge of tow vehicle, or on the front edge of float).

If present, children must be under adult supervision and seated at all times while in motion. 

Riders are to remain on the float once the Parade begins, and at all times when the float is in motion. 

Convertible Cars 

Whilst people can sit on top of the back seat of a vehicle, they must either be strapped into the vehicle or have adequate hand/foot grips to hold onto.

Vehicle/Float Dimensions

To follow are the maximum dimensions for floats that are able to process along Courtenay Place and access the pack-down and exit streets. Please contact the Parade Director if your float will be larger than these dimensions.

Height: 4 metres, including any banners, flags or persons (to clear traffic and pedestrian crossing lights and power lines)

 Length: 12 metres (there is a sharp turn on the parade route) 

Width: 3 metres (including rails) Street Clearance: 40cms above the ground (to clear traffic island edges) 

Hand Rails: required for ALL floats on which participants will be standing or dancing (refer Rider Safety)


Additional safety precautions may be required for any structures where people are 3 metres or more above a hard surface. Please contact WIPP in this instance.

Float Pole Bearers

This was a new concept for Wellington International Pride Parade in 2019 and proved very successful in:

  1. clearly identifying each parade entry to the public
  2. enabling Gap Marshals to keep a precise distance between each entry to the Parade and prevent congestion. All drivers will be watching the Pole Bearers who will be communicating directly with the Gap Marshals.

Each Parade Entry is required to have one designated person as a pole bearer. This person will be the lead member of your Parade Entry. 

The pole itself will have a placard with your group’s name printed on it, along with the WIPP logo and branding. This will give the Parade a professional look similar to the opening/closing ceremonies of the Olympic/Commonwealth Games. 

Towing Vehicles

Our friends at Armstrong Prestige have made available some vehicles to tow floats / trailers – please contact us if you require assistance with this

Parade Marshals (provided by WIPP)

All marshals appointed by WIPP are there for both the safety of participants and the general public. Their instructions must be adhered to at all times.

Float Marshals

Each group will provide four marshals, to be positioned at the front and back of your group. They will be required to wear Parade High Viz vests throughout the Parade and will assist the Parade marshals in controlling the smooth movement of the parade and assist in your group’s safety. They will be required to attend a training session to be advised.  If you have a large group, you may be required to provide additional marshals, or if you think your entry requires more marshals, please advise.

Order of Parade

Several factors will determine your placement within the Parade, such as your entry theme, vehicles, the type of entry, the size of the entry, and the number of participants. WIPP has the final say on the order of the Parade. If you have any preference on positioning, please advise on your entry form.

Pack down time and Location

Pack-Down must be completed no later than 9.00pm (approximate). 

Walking groups will be dispersed into Odlin’s Plaza. 

Parade vehicles, depending on the vehicle size, will be directed by Parade Marshals to a waterfront location to be determined closer to the date. Please liaise with WIPP prior if you have any specific requirements for this.

Note: All vehicles must be legally parked before the roads re-open to the public/traffic – planned to be 7.30pm subject to change

Waste Management

The Wellington International Pride Parade takes its environmental responsibilities very seriously. We need your help to achieve this. 

Please remove all rubbish from the Set-Up Area before you commence onto the Parade Route. There are rubbish bins located in this area for this purpose. 

Leaving rubbish along the Parade Route is not permitted. 

Please do not throw glitter, as it washes through the stormwater system into the sea.

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