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Queens for a Cause
It’s all on, Wellington!

Is Wellington “losing its mojo”? Not so says Queens for a Cause creator Simon Murdoch.

Wellington International Pride Parade’s Creative Director and the driving force behind the newly created Queens for a Cause, Simon Murdoch says “it’s been a tough year all round; the creative sector has taken a huge hit right across New Zealand, public events have been scarce, we’ve been through a lock-down and we continue to fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, but it’s time to light it up.”

“The new reality confronting many celebratory events like Wellington’s forthcoming 2021 Pride Parade, is that the financial support is drying up. We aren’t sitting around doing nothing though, we have built a remarkable, positive and inclusive event that over 50,000 Wellingtonians attended in March this year so we aren’t stopping now”, he says.

Known as WIPP, previous parades in March 2020 and May 2019 were well supported by growing registrations, community organisations and sponsorship from the Wellington City Council and other private organisations.

Murdoch says “our long-term vision has always been to create a sustainable summer event that can stand alone and doesn’t require significant public money. We are very grateful to the Wellington City Council for its support – it’s truly recognition of its support for our communities.

“But, this year, we want to build on the success of WIPP and create something fun for Wellingtonians that also helps pay the costs of putting WIPP together,” he says. This is where Queens for a Cause comes in. Murdoch says, “Wellingtonians are the most supportive, positive and happy people, so when we saw people ask if it’s losing its mojo, we got out the wigs and got into action.”

Starring 5 former Miss Drag Wellington Winners , Amanduh La (2003),  Mia Slapper (2004), Dawn Breaker (2005), Ellie Kat (2007) and Felicity Frockaccino (2008/2009)  as well as and Claire Voyant, runner up, of TVNZ’s House of Drag, season 2 Queens for a Cause brings new colour and sparkle to Wellington. With an eye towards the future, Dirty Chai has been cast as the troupe’s new “miss up and coming”. 

WIPP Co-Chair Heather Henare says “it’s just fabulous to see this coming to Wellington, we couldn’t be more excited, it’s just what our city needs to lift our spirits! We are proud to be associated.”

A Wellington International Pride Parade and Whistling Sisters collaboration. Your chance to experience a superbly crafted diner and show extravaganza!

Weekly fundraising and catered Cabaret showcasing the leading ladies of the lower North Island. Varying cast members each week per availability to keep each performance unique and fresh despite each show having a specific theme. This theme will flavour the show and meal offerings for each sumptuous main and dessert selected from an a la carte set menu.

With a chill, Sunday night vibe, an opportunity will be created for rainbow singer/songwriters to showcase their own repertoire or “covers” in-between shows.This dazzling collaboration is crafted to excite and delight audiences, the girls are only eclipsed by their outrageous costumes and content.

Whistling Sisters Beer Co. Corner of Ghuznee & Taranaki St, Te Aro.


Join our Cast at Whistling Sister from 13th Dec 2020. Limited seating, follow the link to book your Christmas Function. Support local entertainers and the Wellington International Pride Parade 2021.
Show Dates:

December 13th, 20th (19th bonus show TBC) Christmas themed for the month of December!
January 17th, 24th, 31st
February 7th, 14th, 21st, 28th
March 7th, 14th, 21st

$69 each (discounts available for group bookings


ONLINE at www.whistlingsisters.co.nz
EMAIL: [email protected]
PHONE: 04 381 3208

The Queens!

Felicity Frockaccino​

Felicity Frockaccino

Felicity Frockaccino is an internationally recognised drag performer & host, raised in Ōtaki on the Kāpiti Coast of Ngai Tahu descent. 

Returning from Sydney, Australia, where she quickly rose to precedence; Felicity has hosted some of Australasia’s biggest events; including Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras Fair Day & previously the Wellington International Pride Parade. 

Felicity brings to WIPP 15 years of drag expertise, aroha, joy and enthusiasm often replicated but never duplicated; making Felicity one of Australasia’s finest contemporary drag entertainers.

Amandah la Whore

Founder/Co Chair for the Wellington International Pride Parade, Amanduh la Whore enthusiastically brings years of National and International Drag experience to this cast of Ladies.

With quick rhetoric, she is that “Exclusivity” and elegance personified AMEN

Amandah la Whore
Mia Slapper​

Mia Slapper

Having been born and raised in Upper Hutt, Mia Slapper is an “old school gender illusionist” and former Miss Drag Wellington 2004. Over the course of her two-decade professional drag career. Mia has progressed into becoming a long-serving diva in New Zealand’s fiercely competitive corporate drag scene and in the process managed to become an international award-winning star of stage and screen. 

Having held long term residencies at various clubs, pubs and restaurants across New Zealand, Australia and the Pacific, Mia is now launching and producing WIPP’s new fundraising shows which are starting December 6, 2020.  Mia brings her extensive show production history to the forefront with our innovative new plan to provide an opportunity to guarantee the ongoing success of the future parades.

Producing “Queens with a Cause”, please let WIPP introduce our Leader and Conductor, Ms Mia Slapper.

Ellie Kat

Sweet, charming, and flirty,

Ellie Kat is one of the capital’s best and most experienced drag performers. She has been performing for a decade and a half. This multi-award-winning international performer brings a unique blend of grace, beauty, and entertainment to the stage. 

Ellie Kat
Dirty Chai

Dirty Chai

She’s out! Ready to pose, make noise, and DANCE! 

Chai AKA Dirty Chai. 

Since making her official debut at Wellington Pride 2020, Coca Cola stage. Chai has been evolving, curating her own pathway through drag. 

Formerly trained dancer and vocalist, Chai brings a unique flair and presence to the bright lights of the city’s nightlife and stage.

Claire Voyant

Claire Voyant, an American with a Kiwi heart. Claire has proceeded to go beyond eccentric drag makeup and instead create unbelievable forms of her craft, this is seen from her makeup artistry, strong depth in an outfit presentation and a soft lavish aesthetic that perfectly supports the Voyant title. A House of Drag Season 2 finalist who made every moment count, serving references in anime, gaming, and pop culture; switching it around and making it into a stunning ensemble with intricate detail. Recently Claire has been transforming into recognizable drag performers in New Zealand that has been well developed, this done with the gorgeous and talented Carolina Bun (@carolinabun) Instagram. Both doing exceptional artistry to copy exact makeup and features of the queens they paint to themselves. Alone Claire always stays in sync when performing, becoming a bright star on stage, on camera and on top. Showcasing her flow and body movements for an audience to enjoy. The extent of Claire’s love for other performers is large, always rooting people on by demonstrating her own way to support. Watch this witch enchant the stage and keep up with her craft on Instagram. (the_claire_voyant)

Claire Voyant​
Dawn Breaker​

Dawn Breaker

Dawn started her career in the red light district of Amsterdam as a young princess, working for scraps in the local brothels helping the working girls’ douche and clean up after their working day.

she quickly moved up to doing low lighting, low taste and low down (on her knees) performances in the alleys across the back street of Paris.

Getting her big break in coming across a supreme court judge who came across her, she got enough money to move down under, where she lied about her past and was given stage time at clubs across Australasia like Pound, Bojangles, Imerst, Sircuit, The Mersh, Pricilla’s, DT’s, S&M’s, Commercial Hotel and other dance parties and delicious venues that would have her… Sometimes just to keep stage time she’d pay them!

This is an underdog story of a girl lifting herself out of poverty and through blackmail, into the glam and glitter of smoky nightclubs. Now she’s on top of the world living life and enjoys fast cars, big mac trucks and long walks on the beach.


As a small-town queen just trying to fit in, all I can say is that I’m sweet, bubbly and sure to tickle your throat. As Fanta C, I hope to float your boat.