Board Charter

Wellington International Pride Parade Board is made up of an egalitarian group of individuals, whose focus is to deliver an inclusive and diverse Parade to Wellington on March 16th 2019. We work to promote Wellington and its many Rainbow Groups. We have both operational and advisory Board Members.

Registered Society

Wellington International Pride Parade Incorporated is a registered society – registration 2679175.
It is bound by its rules held by the Companies Office and any amendments lodged or in the process of being lodged.

WIPP’s objectives as a non-profit organisation are to:
(a) Provide a platform built on diversity, love and creativity to inspire, allow for safe expression, boost acceptance, form everlasting inclusiveness and relationships in our LGBTIQ Plus Community
(b) facilitate and promote the delivery of a Wellington International Pride Parade for the LGBTIQ Plus Community;
(c) provide opportunities for the LGBTIQ Plus Community to create and participate in events and activities under the umbrella of Wellington International Pride Inc.
(d) foster an environment through Wellington International Pride for the LGBTIQ Plus Community to celebrate sexual orientation and gender identity; form partnerships with other organisations that share similar values, aims and objectives to WIPP;
(e) do anything necessary or helpful to further the above objectives

Board Members
Amanduh La – Co-Chair, Creative
Richard Tait – Co- Chair, Event Management, Spokesperson
Simon Murdoch – Board Secreatary 
Fraser Shaw – Banking & Finance, Social Media & Communications
Todd Hamilton-Crook – Corporate Affairs 
Councillor Nicola Young – Advisory
Penelope England (Dolly) – Advisory
Heather Henare – Advisory

We will also have volunteer consultants who will also assist in specialist areas.

Representation and consultation

All board members will actively consult with members of the community and bring those viewpoints and opinions to the board for consideration. Any individual board member will not present an opinion to represent the WIPP Board or organisation unless requested by the Board.

Proxy Voting

WIPP appreciates that not all board members can attend all meetings. Proxy votes maybe be registered in advance to Simon so that he can record these prior to any meeting. The quorum for all board meetings is 50% of board members. 75% of votes is required to pass motions.


The bank account is to be managed by 2 members of the board – currently this is Fraser and Richard. Any 2 board members may approve expenditure up to $250.00 – any amount above this must have full board approval.

A budget will be presented to the board and reported against at every board meeting highlighting any variations and income to date.
As we are an Incorporated Society Board, members are not liable for any financial debt that may be incurred, but as a governance board we will ensure that the society does not enter into any agreements that may incur a debt.


Only the spokesperson will deal with the Media – this includes Social Media. The only exception to this is that all board members may actively promote the Parade and the other events being held by the Pride Festival

Health and Safety

The Board will follow the Health and Safety guide issued by WorkSafe and the Institute of Directors. Our due diligence will be carried out by:

a) Being  aware of Health and Safety Risks
b) Considering Health and Safety in all activities WIPP undertakes.
c) Ensuring all contractors have relevant policies and qualifications before approving appointments
d) Verifying  all plans have covered off potential risk and how that risk ins managed