About WIPP


WIPP officially named in 2017, we are the Wellington International Pride Parade. Our members have been involved in supporting previous Pride Parades in Wellington. Most notably the the Wellington Pride Parade 2017 which was undeniably an absolute triumph! Wellington's LGBTTIFQ+ communities have been pridefully parading in the public eye for over 25 years. From days past, when backward discriminatory laws existed, to our present day of progressive values. Things are changing and we at WIPP choose to celebrate that change. We extend our hand of friendship to come along and celebrate this momentous occasion with us, everyone is welcome

Our vision

WIPP is an ever-growing and evolving space designed to inspire all. It is a platform built on diversity, and creativity, allowing safe expression, boost acceptance and form lasting inclusive relationships in our LGBTTFIQ+ community and allies.


Our 2017 Parade

Meet the Committee

We have a keen, passionate and committed team leading the action to make WIPP a stand-out event for everyone involved. We are formed through our expertise in our fields include: administration, event management, promotion and marketing, visual design, digital media, community engagement and accounting.